Friday, March 21, 2008

Xiao Fan Pullip Doll June 2008

" China is the last eastern country.
There is a modern and attractive town.
I hear the sound of Chinese fiddle in the evening....
Feel like so. "

Xiao Fan Pullip doll was announced in March 2008 for a release in June 2008. She wears a Chinese inspired outfit complete with blue fishnet stockings and a big red floral hair accessory in her long purple hair. Her accessories include three-quarter length pants and a doll stand.

My thoughts: It's been a long time since we had a purple haired Pullip doll, I think the last one was Nomado? I like how the outfit looks, even with the fishnets. I don't much like the shoes, they look like Barbie shoes. I think she will look cute with China China Pullip.

Taeyang William schoolboy doll for June 2008

"Everybody loves my handsome face and people always pay attention to what I do!!!

Taeyang is dressed up as an English schoolboy public school uniform. Chair is not included, he only has a doll stand.

My thoughts: What happened to the accessories?? He should at least have school books. He would look better with blue hair.

Available for purchase from Pullip Style

Coco Dal for June 2008

" Do you want to be my servant??
If so let me hear your voice and song.
I’ll give you some candy if you sang well.
Because I’m the KING here (`ε´) !!! "

Tomboyish Dal Coco, she looks like a Rococo period painting or fairytale story.

Available for purchase at Pullip Style

Sunday, February 24, 2008 Pullip Exhibit

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Dita Pullip for May 2008

" Wind of early summer running through the hill....
It carries off my hat with floral decoration,
fluttering the hem of my dress... feel like so. "
Romantic and Feminine style doll Dita was announced in February for release in May 2008. Her accessories include a straw hat and doll stand.

For sale at Pullip Style

My thoughts: At first reminds me of an Anne of Green Gables type girl, with the straw hat and old country style dress. I think a different hair color and hair style would have been better, maybe red if the dress was a a dark blue.