Friday, March 21, 2008

Xiao Fan Pullip Doll June 2008

" China is the last eastern country.
There is a modern and attractive town.
I hear the sound of Chinese fiddle in the evening....
Feel like so. "

Xiao Fan Pullip doll was announced in March 2008 for a release in June 2008. She wears a Chinese inspired outfit complete with blue fishnet stockings and a big red floral hair accessory in her long purple hair. Her accessories include three-quarter length pants and a doll stand.

My thoughts: It's been a long time since we had a purple haired Pullip doll, I think the last one was Nomado? I like how the outfit looks, even with the fishnets. I don't much like the shoes, they look like Barbie shoes. I think she will look cute with China China Pullip.

Taeyang William schoolboy doll for June 2008

"Everybody loves my handsome face and people always pay attention to what I do!!!

Taeyang is dressed up as an English schoolboy public school uniform. Chair is not included, he only has a doll stand.

My thoughts: What happened to the accessories?? He should at least have school books. He would look better with blue hair.

Available for purchase from Pullip Style

Coco Dal for June 2008

" Do you want to be my servant??
If so let me hear your voice and song.
I’ll give you some candy if you sang well.
Because I’m the KING here (`ε´) !!! "

Tomboyish Dal Coco, she looks like a Rococo period painting or fairytale story.

Available for purchase at Pullip Style

Sunday, February 24, 2008 Pullip Exhibit

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Dita Pullip for May 2008

" Wind of early summer running through the hill....
It carries off my hat with floral decoration,
fluttering the hem of my dress... feel like so. "
Romantic and Feminine style doll Dita was announced in February for release in May 2008. Her accessories include a straw hat and doll stand.

For sale at Pullip Style

My thoughts: At first reminds me of an Anne of Green Gables type girl, with the straw hat and old country style dress. I think a different hair color and hair style would have been better, maybe red if the dress was a a dark blue.

Tweety Dal for May 2008

" Really ! He does nothing but wrong !
I'll punish such a wicked cat !
Give him a spank on the bottom! "

Wearing a cute Looney Tunes Tweety parka, Tweety Dal doll announced in February for release in May 2008. Her accessories include swim wear, skateboard, tank top, everything with the Tweety logo.

Available for purchase from Pullip Style

Friday, February 1, 2008

Byul Prototypes

A new line up of dolls in the works by Jun Planning. Byul is the Korean word for "star"

Friday, January 11, 2008

Ala the Pullip with Angel Wings

" I fly toward the light.
It's Like.....Opening a door to Heaven,
I might find a mysterious paradise. "
Ala, the Pullip doll with Angel wings, she came down with a spring breeze! Ala announced in January 2008 for April release. Her accessories include her angel wings, staff and a doll stand.

She is available for purchase from Pullip Style

My thoughts: Really like the angel theme, I think she will be a nice contrast with Zuora Pullip doll. Her long white boots would look nice mixed with other outfits.

Colline Dal for April 2008

" When I look up the sky,
The cotton candy will follow me.
Fluffy and feathery.
Let's play hide and seek! "

The fashion style which fits the best for DAL... It is Tyrolean!!

Colline announced in January for release in April, Colline Dal is dressed in Austrian-inspired outfit with bonnet and sheep pochette.

Available for purchase from Pullip Style