Friday, January 11, 2008

Ala the Pullip with Angel Wings

" I fly toward the light.
It's Like.....Opening a door to Heaven,
I might find a mysterious paradise. "
Ala, the Pullip doll with Angel wings, she came down with a spring breeze! Ala announced in January 2008 for April release. Her accessories include her angel wings, staff and a doll stand.

She is available for purchase from Pullip Style

My thoughts: Really like the angel theme, I think she will be a nice contrast with Zuora Pullip doll. Her long white boots would look nice mixed with other outfits.

Colline Dal for April 2008

" When I look up the sky,
The cotton candy will follow me.
Fluffy and feathery.
Let's play hide and seek! "

The fashion style which fits the best for DAL... It is Tyrolean!!

Colline announced in January for release in April, Colline Dal is dressed in Austrian-inspired outfit with bonnet and sheep pochette.

Available for purchase from Pullip Style